Synced  Performance   HD   Music   Video  -  $300

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Sync one of your studio recordings (one song) to a live or lip synced performance

As musicians ourselves, we know what it’s like to be working on a tight budget and we especially like to know we’re in good hands when getting a “great deal”.  Well if you’re a musician on a tight budget and are looking to make a great looking HD music video for a great’re in the right place!

In a period of 2 hours we’ll shoot your live performance with up to three professional video cameras rolling simultaneously at a venue or we’ll shoot you playing live or lip syncing your song wherever and however you decide to perform.  You can perform/lip-sync in your garage, backyard, bedroom, rooftop, walking around in a giant field, doing flips on the train tracks nearby...........wherever and however you want!  Whatever you can give us in 2 hours, we’ll shoot it and sync it to one of your songs which will result in a professional quality music video! 

As well as shooting the performance part of the video, we’ll also shoot lots of other random shots within the 2 hours to enhance the video and keep it interesting!  Below are video samples of this $300 package deal.  Check em out! 

All shooting and editing is included in the $300 price!  Since we’re offering such a low price, we only require that the video/song be 4 minutes or less in length.  If you’d like to shoot a video for a song longer than 4 minutes, we’ll only charge a low fee of $25 per extra minute in the length of the video.    

Once all the footage is shot, a rough draft of the video will be available online (privately) within 3 to 4 days for you to view.  From there we’ll fine-tune it to your liking and have it ready for you soon after.  Once the video is completed, a high definition digital file of the video will be sent to you which can be uploaded anywhere on the internet for millions around the world to see!

Call us now and we’ll book your shoot date!  949-677-9648

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